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Slight variations in the colour tones of the products may occur due to the characteristics of the materials and the photographic reproduction in catalogues and other printed or electronic material.


Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions

    3,00 x 1,00 m

  • Average thickness

    1-2 mm

  • Material

    Microcrete Microcement applied on special canvases

  • Yield

    3 m2

  • Comparison with a 30 m2 application


    10x 1 m tubes = 20 kg
    10 litres of M-Liner glue


    30 boxes of 25x25 = 750 kg
    150 kg of quick-set cement
    50 kg of joints
    TOTALLING approx. 1000 kg


Available in 3x1 meter rolls, with less than 1 mm in thickness, the material is supplied with fiberglass on the backside, and has slight variations which make it unique thanks to its handmade production.

Supplied in a roll
Supplied in a roll


  • Smooth Effect

    Smooth Effect

  • Trowelled Effect

    Trowelled Effect


Container Pallets Rolls / Pallet m2 / Container
20" 16 46 2208
40" 32 46 4416

M-Liner: simplicity and speed

M-Liner is a type of covering that can be used to create or renovate various spaces. This material comes in rolls comprising microcement, resins and fibres, and can be easily applied as wallpaper.

Given the usual complexity associated with the processes of designing or renovating spaces, it is not always easy to find a modern and effective covering. The M-Liner, however, can be safely applied by anyone, without the assistance of construction professionals.



This is a type of microcement applied on fibres, provided in 1 mm thick rolls with 3x1 meters. Application at the job site is as simple as gluing the covering to the wall. This is a quick and practical solution.

When compared with ceramic tiles, we see that the differences are even greater. To apply 30m2 of porcelain stoneware, rectified 60x60, we will need 30 boxes, weighing 25 kg each. In addition to these we have 150 kg of quick-set cement and 50 kg of joints, totalling 1000 kg of construction materials that must be transported by lorry.

For the same area, the M-Liner solution only requires 10 M-Liner tubes, plus 10 kg of M-Liner Glue, totalling 30 kg, occupying no more than a third of a pallet, and can be transported in a small commercial van.

  • APPLY IT AT ANY TIME Application is possible in all seasons, unlike conventional mortars, which are difficult to apply during the winter.

  • DO IT YOURSELF The M-Liner can be applied entirely without the need to hire specialised labour, free of additional concerns with deadlines.

  • ACHIEVE UNIQUE AND ORIGINAL RESULTS Each M-Liner roll is an exclusive model, thanks to its handmade production. Your application will always be unique.

  • TAKE IT WHEREVER YOU WANT Because it is light and easy to transport, the M-Liner solves recurring logistical obstacles associated with the transport of construction materials.

  • QUICK AND EFFORTLESS DECORATION This solution in a roll can be applied quickly, and is practical and clean. Surfaces are ready to use within three hours without creating any dirt.


Point of Sale

Available for display at Points of Sale of the entire product range of the M-Liner brand.

A - 1,20 m
B - 0,60 m
C - 1,71 m